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Amocura is a Care Home Operator with 20 years experience of caring for the elderly and vulnerable people.    
The name of the Company was carefully chosen to reflect the philosophy of the business, "amo" being the Latin for love and "cura" for care.
Our objective is to provide professional individual person centred care of the highest quality in an environment one can call home. We operate an open-house policy where visitors are welcome at anytime, and we would be delighted to hear from you.
Your choice of Care Home is a major decision, often made at a stressful time when emotions are tender.   Therefore, we will endeavour to make this a little easier for you and less stressful by discussing individual requirements and the needs of your loved one.
Our Care Home Manager is carefully selected for their experience and professionalism. There is a full complement of nursing, care, catering and house-keeping staff to support the Manager in the day to day operation of the Home.

Elderly Frail Nursing

Prospect House provides accommodation for older people whose physical and medical infirmity prevents them remaining at home, and where qualified nurses are on duty at all times

Dementia Care Elderly Frail

Dementia is the most common mental illness in older people leading to impaired memory loss.

Prospect House is designed to encourage and stimulate the needs of those with dementia related illness in a supportive environment. 

Respite Care

Respite care is a short term care available at all our homes and is designed to give carers a much deserved break with the knowledge that their loved one is being well cared for. (You may be entitled to financial assistance from the Local Authority and your Social Worker or our Manager, will be able to guide you in the right direction).


Irrespective of the type of service required please be assured:-

Our staff are specially trained to encourage our residents to continue with their daily life.

Activities are arranged in a domestic non-institutional atmosphere, where interaction with family and friends is welcome.

The ever-changing needs of our resident are met in a warm caring environment.

We promote independence, respect privacy and dignity


To contact us about Prospect House, please fill in the form below, or email the above email address.